Become a Virtual Assistant and Make Money from Home

Do you want to work from home but you are not interested in being a blogger? Become a virtual assistant taking this thorough course.

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Ok, so I have written a few times about ways to make money as a blogger, but what if blogging isn’t something that you are interested in. Maybe you don’t want to have to pump out content everyday and you just want to make money online. That’s ok, because there are other ways to make money online that has to do with blogging but isn’t exactly blogging. You can become a virtual assistant for bloggers.

Do you want to work from home but you are not interested in being a blogger? Become a virtual assistant taking this thorough course.

As a VA (virtual assistant) to bloggers you will be doing a lot of the back end things that bloggers pay others to do when they are too busy. Some of these responsibilities are

  • Write or edit blog content. Sometimes you get hired to write this content and other times you can write the content and post it online to be bought by bloggers
  • Manage social media accounts. Some clients hire people to completely manage their accounts and other times you could be hired to schedule things for the blogger.
  • Write listing descriptions
  • Create marketing graphics such as Pinterest images or for Facebook
  • Read and respond to emails
  • Promote products or services
  • Do promotion for bloggers
  • Create round up posts for bloggers
  • Make printable for others
  • Design graphics

So you love the computer and you want to work from home, and becoming a VA makes sense to you. Great. But you say you have no idea how to even begin. Even if you are starting from the beginning and you know nothing about being a Virtual Assistance, you can still become a virtual assistance.

You can either decide to learn as you go or you can invest in your future and take the Rockin’ VA Course.

Now I want to tell you before you get excited about the price. It seems like a lot. The course is $247. But if you purchase the course, and commit to working the course, you WILL MAKE MONEY! Not only will you make money, you can make $100 in your first day. That is even one of the chapters.

The course covers a large range of projects. While it does cover working with small businesses, it mostly focuses on building a client base around bloggers and website owners. While you don’t have to know anything about blogging and how to be a virtual assistant to a blogger, to succeed in this course you should have

  • Basic understanding of social media
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-motivated and pro-active in finding solutions independently
  • Ability to research topics

The course also has a Facebook group that goes hand and hand that offers even more support and helps you further your ability to get clients.

If you are looking for a way to work from home and want to be a virtual assistant, I recommend the Rockin’ VA Course.


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