Easy 2  Ingredient Dough

Have you ever heard of 2 ingredient dough? It's a simple and delicious way to make pizza, bread, rolls, and more without any fuss. All you need is some self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. Give it a try!

2 Ingredient Salad


5 minutes

4 servings


Cook Method


– Weight Watchers Pizza – 2 ingredient dough bagels – 2 ingredient dough cinnamon rolls – Pretzel bites – naan bread – garlic breadsticks – biscuits or breakfast sandwiches – Healthy Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Pocket – Homemade Pop Tarts – Pie Crust Like Healthy Apple Pie – Skinny Strawberry Pie – WW Air Fryer Funnel Cake Bites – And just about anything else that I would use dough for. I can not wait to start making as many treats and cheat foods that I can.

Ways to Use 2 Ingredient Dough

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