Healthy Fruit Dip WW and Keto Friendly

Eating healthy but need a sweet treat? You have to try this Healthy Fruit Dip Recipe. Featuring vanilla almond butter, this cheesecake fruit dip recipe is simply amazing.

This fruit dip is Weight Watchers Friendly, coming in at 2 points and it is Keto friendly

Grab your ingredients!

– Cream cheese – RX Nut Butter – Vanilla extract – Sugar free chocolate chips – Like Lily’s – Sugar Substitute, optional

Add all of the ingredients in a bowl, except the chocolate chips. Mix together well, either by hand or with an electric mixer. Test the dip to see if you like the sweetness. You might want to add more sweetness.

How to Make

Fold in the chocolate chips, leaving some to add to the top. Enjoy with fruit, vegetables, graham crackers or anything else you like to dip.