50 Incredible Instant Pot Recipes

Need a fast dinner. The Instant pot helps you get to the table in record speed. Try these instant pot recipes for dinner tonight.

Have you ever had something come along and ruin your planned dinner? Maybe the meat you planned to cook had spoiled, or you were missing a crucial ingredient for your planned dinner? Or maybe you struggle to shuffle the kids around from afterschool activities and back home in time to cook dinner every night? We’ve all been there and busy families have probably been there a lot. This is where instant pot recipes come in handy.

50 Incredible Instant Pot Recipes

The Instant Pot is becoming one of the most popular kitchen appliances out there. It can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, and so much more! It makes it so much easier to prepare delicious meals for the whole family, no matter how busy you are. You just put it in the pot and get on with your day. Really, it’s that simple and there are so many wonderful things you can make with it.

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One of my favorite Instant Pot Recipes? Instant Pot Beef Stew.

Don’t think that Instant Pot recipes have to be boring, or that it means you’re eating the same things every day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are tons of different things you can make and savvy Instant Pot users are coming up with more creative recipes every day. If you haven’t already invested in an Instant Pot, the time to do so is now. If you already have one, you’re going to want to save these recipes now so you can try them all for yourself.

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Looking for more Instant Pot Recipes?

The amount of recipes you can make in this handy device are endless! Here are 50 incredible instant pot recipes you need to try!

Need a fast dinner. The Instant pot helps you get to the table in record speed. Try these instant pot recipes for dinner tonight.
  1. Instant Pot Thai chicken rice bowl
  2. Instant Pot Pineapple cherry dump cake
  3. Pork Tenderloin with Apple Gravy
  4. Instant Pot Speedy Salmon & Broccoli
  5. Instant Pot Low-Carb Goulash Soup with Ground Beef and Peppers
  6. Instant Pot Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe
  7. Green Chile Mahi Mahi Fillets
  8. Low-Carb Flank Steak Tacos with Spicy Mexican Slaw
  9. Pulled Pork Recipe
  10. Instant Pot Swedish Meatballs
  11. Instant Pot Spaghetti
  12. Butternut Cauliflower Soup
  13. Mango Lime Pulled Chicken
  14. Instant Pot Goulash
  15. Korean Beef in the Instant Pot
  16. Mexican Tamales in the Instant Pot
  17. Chicken Paprika Stew
  18. Salsa Chicken Burrito Bowls
  19. Easy Instant Pot BBQ Ribs
  20. Instant Pot Orange Chicken
  21. Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe
  22. Easy Instant Pot Chili Recipe
  23. Asian Sesame Instant Pot Chicken
  24. Beef with Rigatoni
  25. Corned Beef with Creamy Horseradish Sauce
  26. Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
  27. Instant Pot Andouille Sausage Stew
  28. Easy New York Instant Pot Cheesecake
  29. Instant Pot Split Pea Soup with Ham and Sweet Potatoes
  30. Cheesy Bacon Pressure Cooker Meatballs Soaked in Easy Tomato Sauce
  31. Instant Pot 2 Minute Steamed Broccoli
  32. Instant Pot Chicken Tortellini Soup
  33. Venezuelan Shredded Beef
  34. Mexican Beans with Avocado-Poblano Salsa
  35. Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
  36. Instant Pot Salted Caramel Cheesecake
  37. Easy Five Ingredient Instant Pot Italian Beef
  38. Zucchini and Yellow Squash Soup with Rosemary and Parmesan
  39. Green Chile Chicken Stew
  40. Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Tacos with Blue Cheese Coleslaw
  41. Creamy Potato, Leek & Bacon Soup
  42. Char Siu Chinese BBQ Pork
  43. Instant Pot Ham & Potato Soup
  44. Instant Pot Ravioli
  45. Loaded Instant Pot Mac and Cheese
  46. Maple Mustard Glazed Carrots
  47. Vegan Lentil Chili
  48. All-Beef Ancho and Anaheim Chili
  49. Instant Pot Beef Stew
  50. Easy Mushroom Risotto

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